the indie blockchain workshop

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In the we will explore concepts that can be realized with and on the blockchain that do not involve an ICO.

Track 01:

What are the main friction points for using cryptocurrencies/DAOs, pick one and work on it.

Some of the questions we will work on are:

  • How can we improve the private key management?
  • What are reasonable relaxations of security for daily transactions?
  • How can we enable mitigations for human error in an immutable system?

Track 02:
Decentralized Trust

One of the main distributions a blockchain can make to society, is to have a universally agreed trust ledger.

Among the questions we want to tackle are the following:

  • What are the challenges?
  • How is it possible to model the multidimensionality of trust?
  • How to mitigate sybil attacks?

Track 03:

All systems that survive long time are antifragile. Evolution is the best example but also the Internet was built on this principle. Smart contracts are not.

We will try to find answers or start discussion to the following questions:

  • How can you describe the evolution of smart contracts?
  • What are the interests of stakeholders for different scenarios?
  • Where in the whole stack should the evolution be handled?


Most projects in the blockchain space focus on working towards an ICO to finance the operation. For many projects that makes sense. Sometimes however gearing the concept towards an incentive structure suitable for an ICO leads to non-optimal outcomes.

It also leads to a lack of generic infrastructure that is designed to be soundly engineered and easily reuseable.


August 15th - August 25th



16 people who are interested in independent blockchain concepts with various backgrounds.

We will try to make sure we have an diverse and interesting mix of people with a heavy dose of curiosity and a lack of blinders.

But I'm not a techie, is this for me?

Yes! While every blockchain based solution will need technological input, many problems that arise are from the fields of human interactions design, philosophy, psychology and economics. That's why we will try to put together a group with a broad spectrum of viewpoints.



Federica Recanatini

feychou | Mr Peen

Thomas Schranz

Lemmings | Blossom

Christoph Witzany

CloudFleet | handcheque